An attentive and caring educational knowledge with strong student faculty interaction is to be required to for the suitable growth of students. Our campus is fully residential with the majority of students staying on campus. Closeness to faculty helps create concerted situations where students can learn from their teachers outside the classroom. A strong emotion of community exists in our campus. Students are provided ample chance for personal growth and explorations of hobbies. Our campus with a wide range of facilities make life on campus relaxing and pleasing.

Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research possesses excellent infrastructure and highly qualified faculty. Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research is a hi-tech Wi-Fi enabled campus. The students are open to the elements to up-to-date curriculum, technology and techniques, motivated to make every effort for quest of excellence, and introduced to promising technologies and researches. The students are introduced to research work being carried out by the Faculty that includes various cutting edge drug development, pharmacovigilance, drug regulatory areas, regarding new patent , etc.

In all, the spacious campus of the institute–spread over three locations–provides a congenial environment to the students pursuing their studies and ensures a pollution free living environment away from the daily hustle and bustle of city life.


Lecture / Seminar Halls

The Lecture Halls are equipped with OHP, multimedia presentation facility and LCD projector of latest technologies catering to the needs of different departments. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations, etc. They provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. The Seminar Hall is equipped with latest audio-visual systems including LCD projectors and is perfect for seminars, corporate quizzes, group discussions, paper presentations, role plays, etc.


A well stocked library is the backbone of any academic institution. As good friends are rare to find so are good books. The library plays a very important role and shares its commitment to excellence of the institute. It is committed to offer rapid response with greater flexibility to groom the students as also the faculty community. The fully automated library of the institute has more than 25,000 volumes of books and subscribes to national and international science and technology journals, besides national and local dailies and magazines.

Library is connected to DELNET, sponsored by AICTE, thereby providing faculty and students’ access to a large spectrum of e-books, reference materials and database of National Informatics Center (NIC) and various other libraries. In addition, the library and study material cell cater to the needs of preparation and distribution of specific materials related different courses. The Institute also subscribes the facilities of national and International E-Journals through TLS. In addition, the library and study material cell cater to the preparation and distribution of specific materials related different courses.

Linguistic Lab

Language lab was set up with the aim to provide a platform to the students for improving their communication skills and enhance their presentation ability. Speaking, learning, reading and writing are the four dimensions of one’s personality. The aim of the language lab is to unable our students in all these four dimensions to improve their personality. And it works on improving the communication skills, presentation ability, and pronunciation of the students and provides them the knowledge of speech sounds and phonetic transcription.

The Laboratory with its stimulating and intellectual environment is a heavenly re fudge for those engaged in intellectual pursuits. The intensity of its environment is a motivation for those wishing to benefit from ever expanding frontiers of knowledge. To develop the communication skills of the students, the institute has set up a well-equipped lab as per the requirements of the University. The emphasis is on developing and improving student’s spoken, listening, reading and writing capabilities.

Computer Center

Well-equipped and furnished computer laboratory has been setup. Total 40 computers have been kept in the lab and are accessible to all UG/PG students. The lab is equipped with Internet facility and the systems are interconnected. All computers have been connected with uninterrupted power supply. Latest operating as well as utility software  have been made available on these computers. Students are motivated to use the internet facility to add to their current knowledge in various subjects.

The IT and computer facilities at Dr. K.N. Modi Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research are state-of-the-art with latest technology resources. The computer labs in the academic blocks and individual network facility in the Hostel rooms make easy access to the material required for studies by the students at any time. It is designed, laid out and equipped so ergonomically that students and trainees can spend hours together at their computer terminals without fatigue. The total infrastructural facilities available at the computer centre in terms of hardware and software enable the students to develop their skills.

Rich industrial background of our faculty gives students the opportunity to learn modern application tools and deploy them in their respective industrial field. The institute is equipped with computers having Intel Pentium Dual core processors connected through local area network to leverage the power of IT to make the process of learning more informative and entertaining.

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